Enjoy the Strength of Open Source

Yufenyuy Veyeh Didier

In an infinite largeness of the web you ended up falling on this beautiful and welcoming page brought to you by a Software Developer and System Analyst Yufenyuy Veyeh Didier who equally consults in ERP Systems.

Open Source softwares and systems are those whose source codes are left for any user or developer to modify under given licenceses. The open source system you will benefit from here is the iDempiere with a strong community of consultants and software engineers which provides:

  • Enterprise Resource PlanningYufenyuy Veyeh Didier Java
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Yufenyuy Veyeh Didier is interested in IT and Physics and is growing to know more.
He studied physics in the University, dropped into the Steve Jobs project Cameroon. I’m very sure… he is passionately curious!!! He currently is a Software Developer(Junior), Systems Analyst, and an ERP Engineer with ITKamer and iDempiere Open Source ERP Systems. You are just in the right and best place as far as these fields are concerned.

You are highly welcome and please enjoy your navigation through out my Cyber territory.